Consulting Services
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Environmental Permitting Support:

NES provides extensive consulting services to governmental entities and corporate firms regarding major environmental permit applications or permit modifications commonly involving complex, detailed compliance and regulatory issues.

Environmental Compliance Assistance:

NES assists clients in developing environmental Compliance Programs that are mandated and directed toward returning the permittee to compliance. Frequently, the innovative compliance programs created by NES address complex, multifaceted environmental enforcement issues requiring an in-depth knowledge of environmental regulations and a thorough understanding of the environmental enforcement process.

Environmental Litigation Advisor:

NES performs as a litigation advisor to law firms regarding environmental enforcement issues, land acquisition, complex permit issuance and legal appeals.

Legislative Advocacy:

NES represents firms before state and local governments on environmentally related legislative initiatives projected to have serious positive or negative impact on a specific entity or industry. The NES advocacy efforts are limited to environmental issues often requiring extensive knowledge of environmental law.

Environmental Marketing:

NES represents environmental firms in soliciting the acquisition of their companies and associated subsidiaries. Successful acquisition efforts are usually the result of NES’ continual participation in the extensive environmental industry network.

Financial Assistance for Site Expansion or Development:

NES assists industry in acquiring state tax-exempt bonding and financial assistance for the development or expansion of environmentally related facilities.