Consulting Services
Client Testimonials

“Since 1979 I have worked with Ernie Neal, in his role as a corporate officer and as an independent consultant, on several thorny and complicated environmentally related issues. The majority of these matters involved difficult and intricate aspects of environmental law and regulations. Ernie’s knowledge, insight and extensive understanding of environmental requirements and more importantly his ability to work with all parties to accomplish a mutually acceptable solution was outstanding.”

Charles F. Freiburger, IV
Thompson Hine LLP
Columbus, OH

"Our company has used NES since the early 1990's. Ernie Neal has helped with the permitting of landfills, with permit modifications for our hazardous waste treatment facility, and even dealing with our local Wastewater Treatment Plant as to discharge parameters. His assistance in dealing with Ohio government agencies has been a great help to our business."

Tom Yablonski, P.E.
President Envirite, Inc.
Canton, Ohio

"C&E Coal, Inc. has a long history of successful work with Ernest C. Neal and Neal Environmental Services, LLC (NES). The relationship with NES began in the scrap tire business. Mr. Neal worked with C&E to prepare bid packages, environmental compliance plans and governmental approvals for scrap tire remediation projects. With his assistance C&E was successful in remediation of 8 million scrap tires. In addition to the scrap tire business C&E and NES have worked on landfill projects, rail off-loading facilities and harbor dredge opportunities. Mr. Neal's extensive working relationships with governmental agencies and knowledge of environmental requirements has been a valuable asset to C&E's success."

Thomas P. Lyons, P.E.
C&E Coal, Inc.
Lisbon, OH