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Ernest Neal is a graduate scientist with over 45 years experience in environmental pollution control, regulation, litigation, legislation and facility operations.


Career Highlights:

  • technical, supervisory and executive positions with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
  • corporate officer experience with major waste management firms

Professional Accomplishments:

  • facility permitting
  • regulatory compliance and negotiations
  • communications assistance
  • legislative advocacy
  • litigation advisor
  • President and CEO of a multi-facility waste company

Independent Consultant Experience:

  • provided consulting assistance to law firms, manufacturers, environmental companies, the U.S. Government and municipalities in and outside of Ohio
  • 20 years experience


  • B.A. degree in Biology from Hiram College in Ohio
  • M.S. in Freshwater/Marine Biology from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Professional and Educational Experience at Institutions:

  • University of Michigan Biological Station – Pellston, MI
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution – Woods Hole, MA
  • Duke University Marine Station – Beaufort, NC
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratories – Oak Ridge TN
  • Atomic Energy Commission – San Juan, Puerto Rico


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